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(12) Gods kingdom starts from a heavenly family. That family starts from one man and one woman who are aligned with Gods will. In the end they become the centre of not only a family, but also a country and the entire universe. Therefore, it is not the country that needs to be perfected first, nor is it the family. It’s one man and one woman. The idea of one perfected man and one perfected woman connects to all of you here today. The idea of perfecting one man and one woman remains the same in the past, present and future. It’s unchanging.

(13) What kind of person goes to Gods kingdom? A person in the original position before the fall, a person living by the original principles, goes there. An original person is not someone who tries to receive love from others. Nor does this person try to receive Gods love. He or she is someone who already lives intoxicated with Gods love. The heart of parents loving their children is beautiful. Everyone bows their head in front of the love of parents who suppress their hunger as they feed their children, giving food to them after thawing it with their body heat. The universe will certainly support the sons and daughters of these parents. The entire world will bow down to such love. People think that children succeed because they are smart, but that is not so. It’s because they have, embedded in them, their parents love and merit of living for the sake of others. Because no one can ignore these things the descendants of such parents succeed.

(Cheon Seong Geyong - boek 12, hoofdstuk 1, sectie 1:12,13)

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